Update 01 September 2005 -- Motor Finally Ready for Assy


It has taken a while but I FINALLY have the motor back from the machine shop. What they did:

It's taken so long to get this far, Now I want a v3.3!

also, i've started a blog for the project.

I'll keep a full record there. I'll be posting the genboard related stuff here.

Update 05 MAY 2005 -- Ditching the audi motor

Turns out that because in the Audi the engine is mounted Logintudinally in the bay, instead of transverse like the EV, the engine is a pain to fit. SO...I'm rebuilding the stock I5. It has more displacement and a longer stroke anyway -- more torque :)

Also, happens to make a business out of turbocharging NA I5's. They have their own standalone engine management setup (no doubt another MS clone) which i won't be using. But they have all the rest of the bits i need: Crank Trigger, Coilpacks, Sensors, Etc.

Check them out if you plan on using Genboard with an Audi I5.

In other news, Cameron's VR6 Turbo is assembled. Now he's finishing the car. The Genboard should be going on in a month or so.

Update 07 FEB 2005 -- VW Eurovan with a 10v Turbo motor


I bought a Eurovan with a bad motor (driven without coolant). I also have a buddy with a Race-Built 10v Turbo from an aborted Audi 5000 race car project. The two will become one!

Instead of some bastardized splicing of stock harnesses, I'm gonna go with Genboard again.

Hopefully this won't be a huge project.

Work Involved:

I'm planning on recording the build here for posterity.

Trolling the wiki, i found these good links




I sold my Corrado, bought a 2000 Audi S4, a bit of an upgrade :)

I sold the Genboard to my brother for use in his Twin Turbo VR6 GTI project car. It'll be a while before he gets it running, but when he does, I'll post his progress here.

I'm (WAS) the proud owner of a 93 VW Corrado SLC(VR6)

I was planning on using MegaSquirt, then decided to wait for UltraMegaSquirt?, then decided to try Genboard. From what I can find on the member pages, no one but MembersPage/NicholasFranks is working on a VR6 and his isn't running. I also hang around with a bunch of VW tuners and none of them have tried Mega Squirt or a variant, so i'm the Guinea Pig.

If it works out, you'll sell a Genboard to every one of them!

>$500 for fully tunable standalone engine management with WBO2 and EGT?...who wouldn't!

I'm a 3D Artist, so i'm using my artisic talents to help the cause.

I created the Genboard Onboard stickers


I believe they may be up for sale in the store sometime soon. I'll send these to anyone who gets something from WebShop and wants it (zz.. I just forgot to include some in the pack to Au for Patrick :( ),

If there are specific art related tasks that need doing, I'm your man. Feel free to make a list right here and I'll make an effort.

List of art requests

Installing my Genboard


Although i'm a decent mechanic, i'm no programmer. I'm gonna need some help getting things going.

I'm done assembling my Genboard and Plugs

This Diagram was very helpful GenBoard/VerThree/PinOut

Next Steps:

I've got questions, any answers?


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