Hey :)

Things I have:

Ignition is not constant, even with ignition lock on, there is 3-4 degree variance.

using Div by 27

here is the cfg file


Other people who have the same car with me:



tables should be close to AAN/ABY (and changing from 3B is not complex)
  • the VE is not very hard to tune (the type of turbo makes a difference here, because of different EBP) with some care and patient log-analysis
  • lambda and ignition advance should theoretically be similar as for AAN/ABY/3B (as it mainly depends on the cylinder head and compression and fuel), but it's never easy to get an optimal tune for these. MembersPage/MarcellGal/PowerAndTraction has AAN config and tables, and soon 3B tables as well, but these might be conservative tables (a bit too rich at high-power and less than max power ignition advance). You rely on your local engine tuner/expert when you want to get more out of the engine.


Finally Figured all the wires, thank to this photo


  1. 6-pin aux cable, what is it used for???
  2. I dont have an ISV harness w/ diode, is it needed?
  3. I may have some grounding issues in the car, How can I test it poperly?

I think I have to focus on WBo2 Wiring issue.