Audi 5 CYL 10VT (currently lowcompression MC engine,will be running high compression soon)

Semi sequential LPG injection using 5 LPG injectors.

Distributer ignition

K24 turbocharger,boost controlled by a 3way valve.


Trigger 5 window cam

Current firmware 1.0.73 (only newer firmwares are supported by vemstune)

Boost 1.2bar in the midrange,and 0.9 at the revlimit,LPG injectors run out of DC.

Runs acceptably. Idle tuning needed - after adding a schottky diode across the idle valve:


Factory LPG EFI systems use additional compensations like:

-LPG pressure regulator temperature

-LPG pressure sensor

The current setup needs warmup ENLEANMENT, instead of enrichment. This is very easy: you can set LOWER THAN 100 values as the warmup enrichment values.