My goal is to get my genboard ver. 3.2 running on my VW VR6 turbo GTI! I have a few questions and need some help from you guys.

Here is a list of the options I would like to use for the genboard. Select the right options in WebShop.

No special HW is needed for these, only wiring-up and proper configuration:

fly by wire (drive by wire) throttle body. InTake/DriveByWireThrottle

Tough. Developers need the CAN-codes and the hardware to finish implementation. A Volvo throttle body (the type with the failing TPS appr after 40000km) is already available, so only the docs about used CAN-codes would be enough for that type.

If the throttle is operating in its native app, it is possible to capture the CAN-codes, but it might also be hard (it requires initialization, and there are several subsystems of the throttle, at least the TPS and the main actuator).