Audi 200 turbo quattro avant 10vt.

The ECU suffered damage: the EC36/28 output was broken. Likely due to HALL sensor connection problem. ECU output fixed (regulator swapped). Other ECU functions seem unaffected.

Before install can continue, fill in ALL outputs (injection and ignition as well!)

36/1: tps in

36/2: iat in

36/3: tacho out

36/4: fuel relay

36/14: clt in

36/27: primary trigger

36/28: +5V supply (what does "not working" mean ? Is it shorted to ground ?) Check with DVM diode mode that it's not shorted to ground or +12V

36/29: tps supply (not working)

ground: 36/5,21,22,26,32

iac 5.54kohm at 4C

clt 5.45kohm at 4C

ground checked to battery. all 0.3 ohm

36/19 iac (checked to another injector outs.. 11.2 ohm)

36/24 iac

Injector outputs Fill them in. All 5 injectors

TODO: Measure this: EC36/23 flyback must be connected to injector common (even with ignition off)

Ignition outputs Fill them in

36/35 coil logic level or power IGBT output needed ?

distributer ? If not, fill in: