5cyl audi engine install by Claudio, in Canada


This page contains information for Audi Coupe with a 5cyl 20 V Turbo engine conversion (like a European Audi S2)... running VEMS, w/ stock Auditrigger setup and stock COP w/o power output stage and Original injectors.

ECU was ordered for Auditrigger firmware revision 1.0.53


26 OCT 2007

Audi S4 2.2L turbo, harness connect thru adapter with 12cm cables.

5x original injectors (INJA..E to M36,M17,M34,M35,M16, INJA = cyl #1 and so on)

5x ignition coils (Original) (IGN00..04 to M01, M02, M23, M20, M21, IGN00 = cyl#1 and so on)

•Coils are connect straight to VEMS ecu, with no modules.

h[2]=03 01 00 02 04 ... 53124 fire order

•Fuelpump EC36pin#10 –out to M03)

•Trigger signals

2x VR (M47 home signal, M49 rpm, M48 GND connected back to M19GND), home signal.

10K resistor added between EC18pin12 and M49 (do I need add 5V from EC36 pin28?)

Home signal M47 to EC36pin27 added 5V from pin28)

1x Hall for camsync (M08)

GND and Supply voltages

12V supply

M18 has 12V, M27 switched, to additional relay

supply for injectors, M37 +12V ignition power.

5V to hall, TPS etc (EC36/28 to M12)

2x GND EC36pin32 and GND5 wires connect to head cyl. (at front)

GND wire (M10 connect to engine to EC36pin21,), connect back to M30, GND for sensors.

TPS sensor signal (M53) added +5V from EC36pin28


No rpm siglal show during crank (need help)