Hi Guys!

I own a '93 Audi 100 S4 2.2 Turbo Quattro. (Engine : AAN)

I got it installed cause I wanted to have the possibility to tune the engine management as I want, instead of factory installed stuff which is a "black box" for an average car fun.

Br, Laszlo

mail : nospam_lacus007 at yahoo dot com

nospam.laszlo.horvath at sanmina-sci dot com

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A useful graph :




There was false air suction between the engine valve's and the trottle valve >> workpoint of the VE table was always at higher load than it would without false air >> hight fuel consumption !

(under 100kPa MAP)

Idle must be reprogrammed without false air as well << IAC controll makes the engine stall now >> vems not connected right now to IAC it works with the base position simply.



It will be fine but now I do have problems, so I will ask :



We will get the factory ignition map, it is not a disadvantage to know. BOSCH KTS will help in the worst case to log the motronic. WVTool does not log MAP, so result is unuseable. Does somebody know tha factory map ? rpm vs load (MAP)

BOSCH KTS could not see the MAP, so still no available factory map.

Ok, I could find info like this, RS2, but I can not make connection between "Load" and MAP that we need.



more question :

How can I get to know the keyboard commands ?

I have to switch on the fuel pump without running the engine.

Fuel delivery system must be checked against leakage << too high fuel consumption despite of running well, smooth, with correct lambda values. Approx 15-16 l/100km ! Mainly on road, not in city, average speed 110 km/h. Too expensive...

We smelled some gas and felt some liquid leak when we accidentally pushed some part of a fuel-hose. That might be it ? L: Yes, I remember, but that was obvious. If that would be the root cause, I should smell it during driving. If there is leakage it is somewhere back, near fuel pump ?! I must check

L : I hope I can say : SOLVED !!! :) False air problem under the trottle valve, the T rubber had to be replaced >> with motronic 10l/100km fuel consumption, with VEMS : less than usual, I do not know tachometer died... But less than earlier.

Raised idle rpm for air-conditioner switch on

We have to investigate this a bit further. The VEMS PNP box on your AAN definitely has the extra inputs necessary for this, but the connections and configuration needs some investigation.

The factory ECU

If the engine is warm, idleing, AC is switched on, the rpm decrases for a moment to 5-600, than it gets back to 850-900, ok.

Marcell, What do you think when can this feature be developed to include into the firmware to handle AC as well ?

VE Learing

How does it work ? OK, it can set to Enabled. If it is set up correctly does it change the VEtable values by the way the the EGOCorrection will be minimal.

It is set to Enable. Does it try to improve VE table always now ?