GenBoard/Manual (2010-09-29 08:09:42)

Manual for GenBoard/VerThree

There is an ongoing construction / conversion process, that causes inconvenience in the transition period.

Important note: more analog inputs are standard now, than earlier (and other pinout changes, like InputTrigger/WheelSpeed pin). Always use the pinout shipped with the device as a primary reference.

If these do not fully answer your question, it's a good idea to search for keywords (like ignition) on SiteIndex and browse through relevant pages.

We'll slowly update the references (thanx for any help) in the matrix below to point to the best info available for that cell. The matrix should be presented in the html manual (no matter how it's generated or maintained) so the references can be relative (and point into the manual). If wiki links are also needed, an XML tag or special link should be used so the wiki location is only wired in the xslt, not the XML.

Item Overview Supported HW Wiring Configuration Possible testsDeveloper stuff
Firmware GenBoard/Manual/Firmware GenBoard - GenBoard/Manual/Firmware/MyMake GenBoard/Manual/CommConfiguration GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmWare
Serial communications   GenBoard/Manual/CommHardware GenBoard/Manual/CommConfiguration  CommMatrix
Manifold Absolute Pressure  any GenBoard/Manual/Wiring/ManifoldAbsolutePressure GenBoard/Manual/Config/ManifoldAbsolutePressure  
Alpha-N AlphaN   GenBoard/Manual/Config/ManifoldAbsolutePressure  
Fuel delivery PortInjected/FuelInjectors (or TBI) GenBoard/VerThree/LowZInjectors and GenBoard/Manual/InjectorOutputFuelPage and GenBoard/Manual/Config/InjectorOpening OnlineCourse/OffEngineTesting 
WideBand Oxygen GenBoard/Manual/WBSensor  GenBoard/Manual/WBSensorConnection GenBoard/Manual/Config/WBoxygen GenBoard/Manual/WBSensorControllerCompleting, GenBoard/Manual/WBSensorControllerTesting  
Narrowband Oxygen    GenBoard/Manual/Config/NBoxygen  
VE learn GenBoard/Manual/VeLearnsee wideband and narrowband see wideband and narrowband GenBoard/Manual/Config/VeLearn GenBoard/Manual/VeLearn/Testing  
Coolant temperature   GenBoard/Manual/Config/CoolantTemperature  
Manifold air temperature GenBoard/Manual/IntakeAirTemperature    GenBoard/Manual/MatRetard  
RPM trigger GenBoard/Manual/InputTrigger GenBoard/Manual/InputTriggerHardWare GenBoard/Manual/VrSensor/PolarityGenBoard/Manual/InputTriggerTypes GenBoard/Manual/Config/InputTrigger OutputTrigger GenBoard/Manual/InputTriggerCamSync
Precise idle air control GenBoard/Manual/IdleControl  GenBoard/Manual/Config/IdleControl   
LCD GenBoard/Manual/LCD GenBoard/LcdFaQ GenBoard/BuildProcedures/LCDconnect    
FlyBack GenBoard/Manual/Flyback GenBoard/Manual/DDFlyback, obsolete: GenBoard/Manual/DRFlyback GenBoard/Manual/Flyback/MethodsAndTheory   GenBoard/Manual/Flyback/Testing  
Keyboard GenBoard/Manual/Keyboard      
Exhaust Gas Temperature GenBoard/Manual/ExhaustGasTemp      
EDIS EdisIgnition   EdisIgnition/FaQ GenBoard/Manual/Config/EdisIgnition   EdisIgnition/SoftwareModule
Wasted Spark DummyIgnition MembersPage/TerroRx/WastedSparkOnChevySB/WastedSparkCoils   GenBoard/Manual/Config/WastedSparkIgnition?   AdvancedIgnition
Stepper GenBoard/Manual/IdleContro? IdleControl/IdleValveStepper GenBoard/BuildProcedures/Stepper GenBoard/Manual/Config/IdleControl mdh.6 menucommand-
Knock GenBoard/Manual/KnockSensor     
Boost ControlBoostControl  GenBoard/Manual/Config/BoostControlGenBoard/Manual/Testing/BoostControl 
Anti-Lag, Launch Control MembersPage/GaborRacz/NewAlsLaunchAndOthers    MembersPage/GaborRacz/NewAlsLaunchAndOthers   
Usability UsabiLity/GenBoard/WinTools     
Ignition outputs    GenBoard/Manual/IgnitionOutput    

Different elements can point to same page in the simple cases (eg. comm wiring and configuration). Empty cells are OK.

  1. GenBoard/Manual/InjectionTypes
  1. GenBoard/Manual/IgnitionTypes - needs cleanup and organization
  1. Sensors done moved.
  1. GenBoard/Manual/PurchasingGenboard - need to move pertinent information to manual
  1. Quick, general items on how it works (not long? mainly flow diagrams).
    1. Processor Overview - never written, refer to manual now
    2. EFI Flowchart - moved the information, revision pending.
    3. Codeflow Chart - never written, refer to manual now.
  2. Hardware.
    1. Hardware Introduction - never written, refer to the manual
    2. GenBoard/Manual/Firmware/MyMake
    3. GenBoard/Manual/InitialTesting/VerThree - needs organization and splitting
    4. Installation and I/O Configuration.
      1. Basic Connections- information moved, refer to the manual.
      2. GenBoard/Manual/MainWiringDiagrams- Examples. Need more diagrams
      3. Inputs:
        1. Coolant Temperature - information moved, refer to manual
        2. GenBoard/Manual/IntakeAirTemperature
          1. Foreign MAP Sensors - information moved, refer to manual
        3. Throttle Position Sensor - never written, refer to manual
        4. GenBoard/Manual/OxygenSensor - needs completing
          1. GenBoard/Manual/OxygenSensor/Fitting
            1. GenBoard/Manual/License/WBSensor
      4. Outputs:
        1. GenBoard/Manual/InjectorOutput - needs completing
            1. GenBoard/Manual/Flyback/Calculations
        2. GenBoard/Manual/IgnitionOutput
        3. GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut
        4. GenBoard/Manual/MiscOutputs? - needs writing
      5. GenBoard/Manual/PlumbingFuel - needs completing - How did this get here among the electronics ?
      6. GenBoard/Manual/TestingInstallation - needs completing
    5. Interface Configuration
      1. GenBoard/Manual/Computer- Information moved to manual. Will be removing page soon.
      2. GenBoard/Manual/CommConfiguration
  3. Software
    1. GenBoard/Manual/Config- config index page(same as pages below)
    1. GenBoard/Manual/Config/HwMap - h[] table page
    1. GenBoard/Manual/Config/InjectorOpening
    1. GenBoard/Manual/Config/CoolantTemperature
    1. GenBoard/Manual/Config/ManifoldAbsolutePressure
    1. Add more pages here for other parameters........
    1. GenBoard/Manual/Tables- needs writing
    1. GenBoard/Manual/PC Software- needs writing

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