Step by step guide for completing your V3.2 board

GenBoard/Manual/InitialTesting/VerThree is very similar (these must be consolidated), but this page has more images.

See list of docs on GenBoard/Manual

The information from this page is consolidated in the Genboard v3.3 assembly instructions, most of it also applies to to earlier revisions, please take a look at the complete pdf [here]

This page is about to describe how to make controller working from the beginning (assuming starting from the board, and NOT the cased unit that has significantly more stuff installed).

Now I'm just gathering the ideas and completing the page while thigs are getting ahead. Page will probably have a better place, but got to start from somewhere..I hope you like what I'm adding - GrmRacer?

Could somebody make this a checklist?

I have a brand new v3.2 board in my hand - what next?

Is there something I still need to solder?

Board has most of the components soldered by factory, but there are something missing. Most notably the flyback. Also some components related to extra features like EGT / knockdetect, and the driver FETs

One still needs to solder by hand:

  • 8 diodes, marked ES2J (RED), make sure to solder them in the correct direction, showed by the white stripe [RescueKit] for description of parts
  • Above step is not needed on v3.3 as it has the diodes (ES2J) soldered on already
  • a flying wire from flyback rail to EC36 connector (YELLOW). On v3.3 there is a pad hole for this, on earlier versions you might have to scrape the coating and solder the wire to a trace, as shown [here]
  • Bend legs and solder them like shown in [this picture] and [this picture], the last is a home made device for bending at the same angle and distance from the body of the TO220.
  • The ignition traces have higher clearance (for higher voltage capability) so the IGBT legs have to be [spread a bit] to make them fit.

Needed for 1st channel [WBO2]:


Map Sensor


WBO2 Calibration

Ok, all necessary parts are soldered - can I power it up now

Firmware update - problems

Firmware Update for Windows

Make a page showing what that is EXACTLY

Mike Lough has created a nice

[pinout ] with images for the EC connectorts

This page duplicates information from several other pages - at the very minimum we have to make cross-links to warn about the fact. Yes, but not in a single place. This is the basic howto assemble your v3.2 with v3.1 references and cross links as we find them.

System Setup

Now that you have your VEMS board built. You problably have many questions about setup. One such walk thru is for the multi-tooth trigger show here