[[Manual: Detailed.Output.Flyback.Operate]]

High impedance (high-Z) injectors 7 Ohm or higher

PWM-ing (and the low-Z extension board) has no advantage here. The easiest method is to

Medium-impedance (medium-Z) injectors 5-7 Ohm

The 1680 cc/min Bosch falls here (5.9 Ohm). Can be driven as either high-Z or low-Z.

Low-impedance (low-Z) injectors less than 5 Ohm

See "LowZ extension" (4 or 8 channel)

Using 4+1 or 8+1 wires in any case (v3.7 has extra throughole pads for these).

Note about the 4 channel Low-Z board when installed outside the ECM

The 4 channel version uses A,B,C,D injector outputs (EC36 pin 7,19,8,20) when installed on top of v3 as a daugther-board.


Please use the same pins if installing outside. VemsTune will give validate warnings if using 4 injector channels with PWM-ing other than these A,B,C,D injector outputs.

In case of the 4ch lowZ-extension only:

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