This page describes how we get GenBoard/VerThree and other useful parts

By ordering, you fully agree and accept WhatEverYouDoYouDoItAtYourOwnRisk.

The group came together to cut down duplication of efforts. Obviously the advantages are most significant with software and hardware development, but parthunting also steals considerable resources, we found it better to buy and manufacture parts together, in Europe and USA. Also, we can get better prices for buying packs of units.

The frontend is a simple [online order page] for GenBoard and items that are commonly used in our installations.

Note that applicability for a particular application is not guaranteed. The parts come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law. Even non-critical applications require extensive testing. It is especially dangerous to control any equipment (in vehicles or other applications) that can undermine safety or cause harm or injury to human. Any such application is unsupported and counter-recommended.

It allows us to focus on development and our engine issues with minimal parthunting. Some parts are shipped from US, most parts from Europe, but the ordering process is the same, you don't need to bother about that.

Originally it was developers only, but in 2004 April we opened the shop for any member, effectively everyone, since anyone can become a member (see MembersPage). There is some small profit on items which is shared among developers and contributors:

Please follow these steps if you need help - everyone needs

Please do not

Other notes

Note that unassembled board (PCB+parts) is currently only available to developers, who want to review while assembling.

If price is a concern there is a better way than self-assembling. Review the code, cleanup the doc, help the newbies, and you can get a serious even 45+ % discount for the assembled board (100% is also possible, several people achieved that). Much better than soldering components according to a schematic, since you learn more about the system (the system is 80% firmware + software + configuration + doc and only 20% hardware - and you can review that 20% HW also without soldering all of it).

The problem with kits is that unfortunately making a kit is just tiny bit less work than making an assembled and mintested board, and takes considerably more resources on the receiving side. We don't want to waste developer resources to support home-assembled boards.

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