This page links to info about different types of injectors from several manufacturers. There is no special requirement about fuel injector that GenBoard imposes.

Anything that can be pulsed and matches your engine should be good. Both saturated and peak and hold types are supported very efficiently (PWM-capability).

"Peak and hold" means that after the initial (configurable, say 1 msec) full voltage the injector gets a pulsed voltage with configurable (say 40%) duty (at 15625 Hz, but the exact frequency doesn't matter much). This is enough to keep the injector open while the current climb is stopped. This is especially important for GenBoard/VerThree/LowZInjectors where either series resistor or PWM-ing is needed to limit the injector current (ruined injectors are no fun). PWM-ing is better than series resistor, because PWM-ing results in faster opening.

There is significant effort to make nice idle-fueling possible (even without staging) with extremely high flowrate injectors that are out of the question for simpler systems. See GenBoard/Manual/Config/InjectorOpening. Same page has some info about the fuel-flow rampup characteristics after opening.

Notes here... try to organize according to make

There's a pretty complete fuel injector reference that I've mirrored on my website. It lists the part numbers, flow @ pressure, HP capacity at various BSFC's, and the applications for the injectors. It also lists many different brands of

injectors, including Bosch.


Various assorted injector info:


Mean green Volvo injectors:




[some pic]

http://www.turboford.org/ has other useful info


[ http://www.bosch-automotive.com/ecat-online/ broken Bosch site, IE only?]

I've used it many times before. Choose your language , then do a direct article search . Example 0280150762, a 214cc/min injector. When you find it , you can open a "used on vehicules" list , together with some hp ratings .

another link: http://wwwrsphysse.anu.edu.au/~amh110/Technical_pages/bosch_403_fuel_injector.htm

In the US, a good source for new fuel injectors is http://www.injector.com (Marren Motorsports in Connecticut) for a very reasonable price, especially for Bosch 160 lb/hr ($75).

We're thinking of adding injectors to the WebShop:

BOSCH 0 280 150 737 300cc/3bar 13-17 ohm-3500/db...

BOSCH 0 280 150 951 346cc/4bar 13-17 ohm-6000/db...

BOSCH 0 280 150 984 444cc/3.8bar 13-17ohm-25000/db...

├ęs BOSCH R . ... ... ... 640cc/min/4bar-32000/db...

Cranking statistics: - config.cwl and cwh compared to req_fuel and j[]

While cwl and cwh numbers don't mean too much without

Therefore req_fuel*j is used as a measure (100%). where j is taken from j[] table at 500 RPM and 100kPa.

All compared configs have divider*(alternate+1) == 4

Note: first 4 lines are from good configs, mcell line is before tuning.


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