[[Manual: Detailed.Output.Flyback.Config]]

The flyback is very important

Tests before attempting to start an engine

Execute this if you made any change around the injectors or supply:

With ECM connected, but injector not, measure the flyback integrity with DVM at the injector connector.

  • Low voltage flyback measures appr. 600..1500mV in DVM diode mode (when DVM- at the flyback=injector-common signal).
  • High voltage flyback needs a current limited supply, such as 12V with a 44 Ohm 4W (2x 22 Ohm 2 Watt in series) series resistor. In this case DVM is used in DC voltage mode, instead of diode.

Do this for every injector (one at a time is OK).

With injector connected, but ECM not connected, measure at the ECM connector (EC36-wire) the existance of injectors: between flyback and injector- with DVM 200 Ohm mode (eg. if you measure 12.5 Ohm for highZ injector - 1 in an injector bank -, you know it's good ). Do this for every injector-banks. This test is less critical (for board safety) than the above, but very useful and worths to do.

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