[[Manual: Detailed.Output.Flyback.Tune]]


Don't apply MegaManual's 75% "PWM Current Limit %" ("PWM DC %" or PWM duty)recommendation. 75% is suitable for a remarkably bad flyback design (with flyback return 30V referenced to GND5), that dissipates extreme heat with PWM-ing and induces high voltages, should the injector fuse break. The circuit breaks regularly because of overheating (usually the clamping PNP breaks, sometimes the FETs).

Example calculation for PWM DC% (dcpercentage):

Iinj * Rinj = VBatt * dcpercentage/100 - Uflyback * (1-dcpercentage/100)

From this, for Iinj=1A and Rinj=3Ohm, with some primary-school math:

Verification: at Uflyback = 5.5V and PWM DC=43% you get 1.03 A:

1.03 A * 3 Ohm = 3.1V = 14.5V * 0.43 - 5.5V * (1-0.43)


When you measure injector current:

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