Genboard Configuration Parameters

[[Manual: Detailed.General]]

Since we often change values inside GenBoard (there are several ways, even simulataneously: keyboard, rs232, tuningprogram), but when saving the values from GenBoard to PC (Manmcd command in TerminalProgram) the comments are not saved, since GenBoard does not know about the comments. It is a tedious process to merge the changes manually, or remember what was changed.

But there exists a rescue:

An example usage of "make mtt" (actually I use an equivalent 2-liner makemtt.bat batch file on win32 that is broken to execute "make mtt" properly sometimes):

C:\efi\engine\Daewoo\firmware>perl bin/ global.h etc/config.txt etc/config.mtt

Values from etc/mcd.txt take precedence.
Make sure this is intentional (etc/mcd.txt is not old)
adding config_t to hash
updating variable warmup_clt_range[1] : 14 => 15
updating variable kpafac : 39 => 33
updating variable injpwm6 : FF => 00
updating variable tps_low : 10 => 20
updating variable tps_high : De => F0
updating variable ego_delta : 02 => 01
updating variable ego_coolant : 94 => 00
updating variable trigger_tooth : 08 => 03
updating variable ign_dwell14 : 1f => 32
rawdictionary: INJFET_7=> 112
done, 251 variables:0 config_t errors,  0 config.txt errors, 0 warnings

Cutting down the setup of initial configuration time from 300 minutes to 5 minutes by the help of configlets

Users don't set the variables individually, but copy groups of variables. This way the tedious work of doing the grouping can be done beforehand. They just want to select if they want to enable VE learning, if they want a fast or slow EGO, a big or small EGO-control range (ego_lean_limit, ego_rich_limit), an MPX4250AP or a 3 bar MAP sensor, etc...

After the user clicked together her config, the number of custom variables she'll set might be just 4..10. (Besides her tables, that she still needs to tune, of course - especially the h[] and n[] tables that is not possible to tune automatically at this time).

sections from GenBoard/InitialConfig are moving to their own pages, and linked from GenBoard/Manual to the configuration column, NOT HERE So this is obsolete (incomplete).

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