Engine Coolant Temperature Related Configuration Parameters

The flash table is chosen below in the settings/constants dialog:


Alternatively, the 17-point curve can be chosen. When the 17-point curve is chosen, coolant (and MAT, in a similar fashion) can be configured with a 17 point table. Remember this is with 1.1.50 or newer firmware.


Some values that work for some NTC sensor are noted on the left

  • some method for temperature curves adjustment needed. 0...16 are ADC values. 0 represents 0ADC or 0V, 16 represents 255 or 5.00V (?) please correct! So two practical and one theoretical method would exist.
  • Practically we can measure voltage drop over NTC or PTC and make adjustment when voltage drop mach with one of 17 points. exatly match!, otherwise if make adjustment when raw adc is between two points can lead to unusable curve.
  • more comfortable method would be if we can observe direct raw ADC value in tuning program. Can it be done??
  • theoretical method if we have access to NTC or PTC resistances vs temperature. We can calculate voltage drop and adc value. Or simply read from old good easytherm/MStoolsII? output file. What bias resistor VEMS use? MembersPage/GintsK

While the traditional flash table must be selected at firmware upload time, this 17 point curve can be adjusted later, and easily matched even to special-custom setups without programming knowledge.

to Verify which hexpatch (air,clt) is on the board...

[[Manual: Detailed.Sensor.Coolant.Config]]

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