This page explains how to complete - or check completion - of GenBoard/VerThree WBO2 HW

Users/installers normally do NOT need these details. See GenBoard/Manual/WBSensorControllerTesting

See GenBoard/VerThree/Schematic and layout on GenBoard/Manual/InitialTesting/VerThree

Needed components

You probably want to get 1st WideBand channel (pump1, nernst1, heater1) get working 1st.

v3.2 contains

Therefore most v3.2 users only have to solder Q18 (to complete 1st WBO2 channel) and can proceed to the testing steps. Please take a few minutes to review the components anyway.

Common parts: needed for either 1st or 2nd WBO2 channel

Needed for WBO2 1st channel

See the bold R137 R140 R103 R28 R31 R33 R34 R29 C22 C26 C53 ... Not needed for 1st WBO2 channel

absolutely important to check

It is extremely bad practice to save a few minutes by skipping the checking of 20 components, but at the very minimum:

GenBoard/Manual/WBSensorControllerCompleting/OldBoards - before v3.1

For convenience, here are the instructions for calibrating the wideband hardware from the user's guide:

Pump zero pw (5V/256)

The first check is 'Pump Zero DC', so you will need to take a reading with a DVM across pins 5&6 of the Wideband connector. The ideal voltage is zero.

wbo2_pump_pw_zero value is adjusted during factory test, saved in ECM eeprom. Don't forget to save the the current settings by saving the output of the terminal command Manmcd or use download-config.bat before making any calibration changes.

To adjust the voltage you will need to use the terminal program to change the value directly. To do this use the command: Mang8Ac63mcs And you will make adjusments starting from 63 upwards.

The wbo2_pump_pw_zero value is likely between 0x63 to 0x66 (99 .. 102 decimal as adjusted in MegaTune 'Pump Zero DC'). Example:

Note that WBO2 must be restarted for the value to take effect (reboot the board).

Pump PID nernst target

Once you are satisfied that wbo2_pump_pw_zero is as close to 0v as it can be, you should verify the pump and nernst control voltages. You'll need two 100 Ohm resistors. Power down the board then

Just to verify, check that the voltage between ground and wbo2_pin5 (nernst-) reads appr 4V. 3.9V .. 4.1V is perfect. Note that this cannot be change in configuration or firmware, it's controlled by hardware. If less than 3.8V or above 4.2V, there is good chance the wiring is bad, check it.

Using a DVM, check that voltage between wbo2_pin1 and wbo2_pin5 reads appr 0.45V (0.44V or 0.46V is just as good). If it's slightly out, you can adjust the value by typing: Manmttg89c85mcs and adjusting the value 85

As before, you'll have restart the board between any config value changes, remember to change to page 2, start the heater and wait for an O2% display (Manmlp02, mde02, mll)

If you cannot get close to this 0.45V target, check the values wbo2_pump_pid ... for example wbo2_pump_pid_ki and wbo2_pump_pid_ilimit, against a known good config. Finally, verify with the DVM that the difference is 0.45V.

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