I'm Fero. I've been using AVR 2.2 since summer 2003, but now AVR 3.1 controls everything in my car. I'm using a turbocharger too:))

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My hungarian page: http:\\

-My car: 1992 Mazda 323F GT

-Engine: 1839ccm, DOHC, 4 stroke, 4 cylinder, 16 valve, CR: 8.8:1. This engine is called BP at the mazda. The engine is almost the same as in the mazda 323 GTX turbo. There are oil squirters under the pistons to cool them, so it's be perfect for a turbo conversion.

-Turbo: Garrett T25, from an Alfo Romeo. Fully repaired.

-Intercooler: Full Alumimium cooler from a ford pickup, with custom made endtubes. Mounted in the front of the car.

-Exhaust: Custom made exhaust manifold for the turbo, 60mm tubes, and only one muffler on the end of the system.

-Injectors: I built in the 450 cc/min DSM injectors. TRhey're lowZ, approx. 3 Ohm. I drive them sequentially with FETs 00,01,02,03.

-Fuel Pump: I'm using the intank fuelpump of a '92 Mazda RX7. This pump is big enough for big HP cars.

-Ignition: AVR 3.1 controlled dummy ignition with a LADA coil, and stock distributor.Controlled by IGBT 03.

-Variable intake: Contrlolled by AVR, opens the intake tubes at 3300 RPM. Controlled by a FET.

-Idle control: PWM-ing ISC valve. Controlled by a FET.

-Input trigger: There is a stock double hall trigger on the exhaust CAM. I use this. I can set primary and secondary trigger from it. Here is a picture about the triggerplate on the CAM:


I measured it with an angle meter. So i hope the numbers are good...

The rising edge of Trigg1 is 47 camdegrees BTDC. It's 47*2=94 degrees on the crank!!! In the config you must write 94*2=188(decimal, in 0.5 crankdegrees)--> BC(hex)

I made a measure with a timing lamp and i modified the trigger delay to A2, according to the timinglight. (let me note that 13 crankdegrees adjustment is significant ! How was it so off first time ?)

Both edges are good for cam-signal (even with the old code), since they don't fall into the ignition advance window.

Config files:

I'm using the 1.0.23 firmware now.

CAM trigger measuring:

We've made a measuring about the trigger with a scoop. Cell helped me in that triggermeasuring.


Vehicle wiring schematic for v3.1

This is my vehicle wiring schematic. Warning: there could be ERRORS in it!


Always use TimingLight, first on table, than on car. It reveals many types of problems (like missing trigger pulse).

In this case


to use for starting problems.

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Here are some pictures about my board:

[board1] [board2] [board3] [board4]

Rewiring the car for the AVR 3.1

I've been working about 80 hours to build the new AVR 3.1 into my car. I'm almost ready. The car started. I'll made a description about it.B ut until that, here are some pics about the work:



I had to remove the turbo and wiring pictures. All of them could be seen on my private webpage soon. But the links of the MazdaWiring pictures will be here too. I think it will be ready by the next week.

[ Here] is a link with power measurement the car with g-tech accelerometer. It was only 0.4 Bar boost.

I've written my last school work about VEMS. It's a short(80 page)Megatune for VEMS, and tuning manual in Hungarian language. I think it could be a good starting point to write a good English manual for VEMS. More details will be here later.

New projects:














Message 2009-12-14:

You can find the converted vemslogs from the uploaded SD image at (it will be deleted in a week)

Hibát tapasztaltam az AIM kommunikációban. Az AIM dashboard nem bootol be ha 1.1.96-os firmware-t használok. A régebbi 1.1.85-ös verzióval minden a megszokott módon működik. A két egység egy kábellel van összekötve(TX-RX kapcsolat). Érdekesség hogy kipróbáltam, az 1.1.96-os firmware-t egy másik kocsin VEMS round-al is, ott működik a kommunikáció, de az eredeti AIM dash nem bootol be 1.1.96-al. Config fileok feltöltve.