Mitsubishi EVO VI-VIII (if I'm not mistaken, the primtrig/sectrig trigger pattern is unchanged from evo 1 through 9). MembersPage/Minopp/EVOIXMivec

confirms EVO-9 has same trigger pattern.

Stock trigger system is supported (race rules don't allow to modify it and mitsubishi EVO-s are popular racecars): To choose this type of trigger, in primary trigger dialog page bottom choose the configlet "#Trigger settings for Mitsubishi Evo 6-7-8" (use same for EVO-9)

There are plenty of engines running with this trigger (however, smooth installs are usually not reported, only when installer needs help):

If ANYONE has sectrig and/or thirdtrig position measurements from VemsTune, please share (preferrably .vemslog file, but at least min-max values numerically. THANX)

Trigger description

Here is the stock crank triggerwheel. It has two simple big 67 deg tooth, The primtrig rising edge is appr. 67-70 deg before TDC:



Cam trigger has a bigger and a smaller tooth, scopeshot:


4g63%20trigger%20pattern.gif mitsubishi_evo_6-7-8_trigger.PNG

MembersPage/PhatBob - Rob Van Asbroeck has this engine running on simple trigger with one of the cam teeth removed ("c004 with camsync").

Triggerlog from evo3, one with rising, one with falling edge for cam sensor:

Example setup