Pneumatic setup

The restriction is improvised from the tip of a pen and heatshrink. The other parts are from WebShop.



The solenoid (2pin injector-type connector) is wired as:

GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table says that h[0] mask is 10 (decimal 16) for EC36pin9.

Basic test

After the electronic and pneumatic connections are made, the basic test reveals if the setup can work.


Another method

Theoretically misc1 (misc1out_minmap, misc1out_maxmap, and all other misc1... varaibles) can be configured so the valve is activated between 110 and 150 kPa, and playing with the ...maxmap=150kPa (doing a boosted run with each setting) it can be reveal if the actually reached maximum MAP changes as expected. Simple systems uses this (but this is not real boostcontrol). For some reason this did not work as expected (we didn't investigate it deeply).

Don't forget to enable boost_channel=.. after the experiment (set back, or just reboot the engine if you haven't saved the "disable" value).

MAP-target config - somewhat OLD text (was written with experimental firmware a long time ago)

With the small turbo, at RPM=2500..2800 the pressure built up very fast, overshoot was almost impossible to keep <10kPa (with fast pressure buildup at other places). So we slightly decreased the b[] for that RPM.

# offset is 0 (t[]=00 scales down target pressure to 0)

# unit is 2kPa, target
b[0]=40 48 4C 50 52 51 50 4F 4E 49 47 45 # appr 0x50=decimal 80= 160kPa
# so effectively max MAP-target is 
# boost_targetoffs + b[] = 160kPa

# we don't activate the solenoid under 110kPa:
boost_minpressure=60 # appr 110kPa

boost_conf=41 # 4*8=48 msec period, MAPtarget

# the multiple boost_pid_ki * boost_pid_ilimit=5248 sounds good, anything close to 6000 is nice (above 8192 would be stupid).
# note that the PID is not fine-tuned using logs, just by feel

fuelcut_max_kpa=AC # 172kPa (previously A6=166kPa)
fuelcut_min_kpa=0E # this is 1kPa unit !!!

t[0]=10 40 60 80 A0 C0 F8 FF

After the tuning

I spenden a lot of time to tune the boost solenoid, it still not absolutely perfect, but it close to that. :)) You can check the results in my config file. And [here] is a log about some driving. You can see how the things work. I suggest, to watch the log with Megalog Viewer.