The car is a lancia Thema limited model, with a FERRARI V8 engine. Engine code is 8.32 .

Because there aren't any free place at the crank pullie, we have to modify the stock flywheel trigger. We can't use homemade triggerwheel. Here is a picture of the stock flywheel. There are 2 toothes on it. Look at the red circles! My plan is the remove the distributors, and use wasted spark coils. I'd like the use only the primary trigger.


My plan is to place more toothes onto the wheel. What do you suggest, how many toothes should i use? What is the simpliest solution?

Unfortunately i don't have much info about the engine, but the owner said, that it's an even fire engine, and thefiring order is 1-8-4-2-7-3-6-5.

It's flat-plane V8 like all Ferraris and basically 2 inline4 engines put together. Hence two crankhome teeth as Bosch used two 4cylinder ECUs for it. A little bit newer Dino V8 from 348 uses 60-2 trigger wheel and two 2x2 coil-packs (both banks connected as 4cylinder engines). PeepPaadam?