This project is a BMW 318 race car.

The cableworks are done, everything is OK. At first I've tested the crank trigger. I turned off the secondary trigger and push the engine starter. Everything works OK. The RPM is rock stable, no trigger errors at all! Than i've turned on the CAM trigger too, but the RPM is not OK, sometimes it raises to 65500 then falls back. I've tried to change the polarity of the trigger2, didn't helped that. What could be the problem?

Here are the config files:

[config.txt] [tables.txt]

And here is the trigger log i've made:


The CRANK trigger is absolutely no problem, you can see the angle settings in the config. I've checked,and it works perfect. But here is a picture about the CAM trigger when the engine is TDC at the first cylinder. The tooth is slightly after the 3rd cyl workphase.


Please check the config and log i've made. What could be the problem?