Here i write my firmware wishes, theese are needed for my projects.

- Dual WBO.

- I need fuel conpsumtion(l/h) to be displayed in LCD. I suggest to delete the useless page3 and make a new page instead of it with the following data to be displayed: RPM,MAP,LA,TPS,CLT,IAT,BATTERY VOLTAGE,FUEL CONSUMPTION. Or the best option would be to make theese 8 data to be choosable in vemstune for a suitable LCD page.

- Periodically(about 30secs) LCD reinitalize should be a choosable option. Because resonance often cause problems on racecars with LCDs.

-Antilag and launchcontrol cause problems with newer firmwares. If i use both of them, than the car stays in launch mode, instead of antilag mode. This is a serious error. I uploaded an issue report with configs and logs to check this situation.

-AIM dashboard does not working with newer firmware, ir freezes at boot. The dashboards were working good with the older 1.1.74 firmware version. So the communication must be repaired, or to be choosable the old method.