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2006-06-14 09:27:43 . . . . MembersPage/MarcellGal [emergency: Fedex plane just missed]
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Emergency with MembersPage/RagnarBurenius

Resolved. MembersPage/KeithHargrove, from Milpitas,CA, USA West Coast prepared an old v3.0 ECU (changed to primarytrigger VR) and handed over.

However, it came to Keith after he sent out that

* the v3.0 has nonstandard FETDRIVER_NONINVERTING setup... This was a self-assembled board as this wasn't used too much. Not possible to make it work just by configuration (it would activate the injectors right after powerup!). A firmware compiled with -D FETDRIVER_NONINVERTING needed: http://cell.dyndns.ws/vems/firmware/v3_firmware_1.0.44_NONINV.zip (1.0.44 has no major configuration/comm changes since 1.0.36 GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/FirmwareChanges so MegaTune won't be a problem).

* see MembersPage/KeithHargrove for the IGBT positions (also nonstandard). This is easy to handle with econoseal pins and "ignition sequence" configuration, see GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut and GenBoard/Manual/DigitalOut/Table for pin mapping. MembersPage/PeterJensenwiring suggests that on Keith's picture 0,1,5,6 ignition channels (Keith confirmed these) have IGBT's. mdh82, mdh92, mdhd2, mdhe2 commands will verify (might only lit for short flash since ign-code disables them soon if ignition sequence is configured)

** cathode- to output

** anode+ through 270..4700 Ohm pullup (series with the LED) resistor to +5..+15V

* take care of polarity when installing the GenBoard/Manual/PowerFlyback powerflyback board. The cathode (marked with a line) connects to the injector+

Note that they took another ECU, a v3.2 in case something bad happens. The v3.2 has normal inverting FETDRIVERs. The power ignition outputs are same (nonstandard) as the v3.0 : 0,1,5,6


Communications to handle the situation:

* write here, on this page

* I made a #v3needed for this emergency situation irc channel on the same (efnet) where our #avrboard channel is hosted: see ChatViaIrc

* from the onsite team contact: phone: +46709557097 Ragnar Bolemius (Swedish guy, in the USA now, this is his cellphone)


Destination address:

* www.acpropulsion.com

* http://www.acpropulsion.com/ACP_contact_information.htm

* AC propulsion

* Henry Chea

* 441 Borrego Court

* San Dimas

* CA 91773




* 250kPa MAP sensor is fine

* non-demanding 4 cyl wasted spark app,

* primary trigger VR

* secondary trigger: don't care

Even unassembled genboardv3.x would work as last chance

* + with Econoseal connectors (EC18PCB + EC36PCB)

* + FETs (min 6, preferrably 10)

* + IGBTs (min 2, preferrably some spare too)

* + 250 kPa MAP sensor

* + powerflyback -

* the rest

** + Alubos - would be nice

** + 3 clamping plates and 3*10 mm screws would be nice

** + frontplate optional

** - endplate truly optional

** - stepper chip not needed

The ECU prepared in HU WebShop (that just missed the last Fedex plane that could have took there in time) was sent to MembersPage/KeithHargrove.