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Too long for the 4cly


Looks like I can make it work for the V6





The pinout

if there is a power-NPN inside I think we will need to add a small NPN (2N3904), eg. on the IGBT pads:

Let me note that stepper driver could drive the NPN almost directly, through a resistor (and very fast!) if we allowed any digitalout()-pin for ignition in edis.c (not just the ign259 outputs).


1J0973724 might be the plug for the VW coil as vw etka lists them


I have been working on a easy way to retrofit older cars with no tiggers.

The proposed GenBoard/InputTrigger? setups below are optimized for fast startup (little time spent in cranking).

"They are not simpler than the supported (ncyl/2*N - m) missing tooth crankwheel setup (like a vanilla 24-1, 36-1 or 60-2),"

How is making a "Vanilla 24-1, 36-1 or 60-2" + some cam pickup(we need to know when to fire the coils and which cyl to inject to)

simpler the breaking off 2 tabs and adding a hall.

but with appropriate firmware support they can find out the engine position faster at cranking.

Anyway, I like the documentation format. We need to explain the direct ign setups on DummyIgnition page (or rather subpages) in a similar way:

This is not the simplest for a 4 cyl.

It is not?? OK what is simpler that will do seq. injection and drive the 4 coils?


The pickups are 180° apart.

If the 2 pickups were ANDed it would look like a it had 4 tabs not 2

so with this we can see 8 edges one every 45° of the encoder or 90° crank

We can add more tabs if we want. 4 tabs would give 22.5° on the encoder and 45° on the crank.

With this we get:

This is a old example of a simple trigger for 6 cyl.

trig_w_b.gif trig_w_a.gif

The pickups are 60° apart.

Pickup A is even. and pickup B is odd.

With this I can get sync after the first Gap.

So I will not have the crank and crank untill #1 comes around to get sync.

also if one fails I should be able to still get sync after no more the 2 gaps (1 gap past the working pickup) and use softwate timing for the missing pickup.

This can go ether on a cam or inside a distributor.

injector connectors $12 $10 $4.50 + $2.50 for 5 pins ($3.85each for 8)

good pics here

tyco info

827551-3(black type C) very common pin 927846-1

826008-1(grey typa A) 826008-5 (black)

825414-1(grey type b)

the -x is the color

injectors to buy

more info


curve Q -3.86%/C@25C 3435Beta set at 2K seems to match the Bosch CLT

temp notes