Marcell Gal (from Budapest, Hungary born in 1976) worked with MembersPage/MichaelKristensen to enhance the design in several ways, eg. the improved controllable flyback and software EventQueue? (that makes sequential injection and ignition possible) added GenBoard/MenuSystem, GenBoard/KeyBoard?, WideBand, BoostController and many other stuff: this way founded the movement (which this site is part of).


Arranges logistics eg. WebShop

Organized group manufacture, so 'assembled units are available': people have less work with collecting parts and soldering: except a few tall components like FETs and IGBTs are only mounted in the cased unit, while these few parts still need to be soldered onto the ultra-cost efficient still powerful 200 Euro GenBoard/VerThree assembled units.

current TODO:

A proposal to mount ethernet - I bet it will never happen, we have RS232, 1-wire and soon CAN and USB. Maybe on a CAN-Ethernet board just for comm...

look at microchips spi to ethernet part.

<kakmnstr> approximately how much IO does the rtl8019 - avr interface use?

<Letsmoveu> 8 for data

<Letsmoveu> 5 for addresses

<Letsmoveu> 3 for control lines

<Letsmoveu> 2 ports

<Letsmoveu> or, you may map rtl directly in high space of atmega128

<Letsmoveu> much better

<Letsmoveu> or use other cheap avr, 8515 for example, and connect a port to atmega128 for data trasnfer

<Letsmoveu> i like your project idea, maybe in extra time i'll write a module for your board

<Letsmoveu> i have to go. my yahoo id is "seek25". if you go ethernet you can message me for some suggestions

<Letsmoveu> have a nice day

Misc question on Honda cranking

on a Honda Civic 1.4L 1998: is it possible that the engine won't start if I push the brake at cranking? (it's cranking normally, just doesn't start.) If I don't push the brake, it starts normally (not as fast as my Opel, but OK).

A: Perhaps something to do with the brake booster feeding the engine "unaccounted for" air? Easy to check, just plug the hose.

See also

VR polarity

I have a little problem with VR polarity. On the Opel Astra (GM type engine, 1.6L 4cyl wasted spark, X16SZR ) 60-2 crankwheel transmitter.

It turned out to be VR (not HALL). Quite obvious, since there is no 5 or 12V supply on the connector when ignitions is switched on.

  1. black-white (or black-grey ... it was a bit dark)
  2. red-white (or red-grey)
  3. black. this measures 0 Ohm from battery GND.Probably shield

The car i v3-ed for a friend is an Opel engine with the 60-2 wheel connected at the crank, the VR sensor colors matched the colors you described. VR+ = red/grey, VR- = black/white and the black one is shield/gnd. With trigger_tooth = 08, another_trigger_tooth=1E and ign_tdc_delay turned out to be 0x9A. It's supposed to be the same for a Opel Motronic setups. - DB

How to check?

Thanx for the crank setup. I didn't expect so precise help so soon. In this case, I should ask about the coil-wires.

It's a pack of 2 coils (bigger than the usual ford coilpack) with 4 signals:

  1. black (I thought this can be 14V)
  2. brown this measures GND
  3. red-black
  4. yellow-black

possibilities for red-black and yellow-black:

I took some logs (in binary 22-byte and [log in freetext megatune format]

2005 July 7: EU parliament: software-patent directive is fortunately in the trashbin again No question the gangsters will try on, but at least they keep losing for now. This is tremendeously great for Europe: The economy can keep on building on fair competition instead of monopolies and law-mud.

Making it legal to patent the patterns of thinking (which software patents are about) would have bad effect for the European economy. Only very few people (appr. 1%) would benefit: billionaires who have huge software companies that have dedicated lawyer-departments and portfolio of 1000+, possibly 10000+ , 99% meaningless, trivial and damaging patents; actually mostly outside Europe) and patent lawyers (there are many of them and they don't care how much harm they do to the society if they can earn a bit more). It would be a shame if these few harmful beings could blind people or blow off democracy. For now, democracy is winning.

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