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This car has been a reliable economical daily driver (running on VEMS for years now). It will stay normally aspirated (no turbo: the gains would be too little for the costs). MembersPage/MarcellGal/PowerAndTraction has the role of a turbo project car.

Water injection

We installed a damn-simple cruising water injection system called Aqua-spricc that has been used in carburated cars since around 1989. It consists of

This system

We'll publish results. After adjusting ignition (+3..5 degree advance) and lambdatarget (lambda around 1.08) at the cruising loadsites, we expect

It's rather just a training for the more complex MembersPage/MarcellGal/PowerAndTraction/WaterInjection


After fighting with weather, fuel plumbing issues, unknown ignition module, mysterious GND connections inside the unknown harness, damage due to static electricity, bad sparkplugs, bad injector connection, reverse information about VR sensor polarity, bad information about missing tooth position, missing injector connection again (after small rewiring - this was quite stupid), mechanical problem with hood, weather (continuously), dyno, the engine is tuned, not just VE (that was easy and fast with lambda-target and incredible ego correction) but ignadv as well.

After a fiasco with the fuel filter the official service did not replace (although they charged for it!), the engine was retuned

The preparations/brainstorming for this project is below - will be cleaned up some day.


All with manual 5 speed transmission and air conditioner.


Because of several reasons, the overall project cost and performance seem exceptionally good for these cars (for me)

local stuff

Solved heating issue

After the engineswap a few years back, the AC got broken. Maybe something didn't get power

resulting in lack of AC cooling

I got a schematic for it, and some text to describe components (1 sentence each) and translate Italian color names. Most relevant parts: