I've installed a Genboard V3.3 on a Yamaha R6 engine, a 600cc motorcycle engine from the year 2001. The engine is used in our Formula SAE car, competing in the FSAE-west competition. Had som initial problems, but now the engine runs fine. Bigges non-compability issue probably was the COP's which originally are for CDI-ignition. A changeover to the coils from an '04 Yamaha Fazer solved that problem.

Engine data

Volume: 599cc

Intake: Single 20mm restrictor (because of rules)

Exhaust: 4-2-1 system of own design

Power: A max output of 88hp at the outgoing sprocket at 10500rpm. Revlimit at 15500rpm.

VEMS setup/install

I'm using the stock passive COP from a 2005 Yamaha Fazer, running wastefire. The CPS is working together with a 8-1 wheel (modified stock wheel from a '05 Yamaha Fazor motorcycle, perfect fit on this engine). No cam sensor. Injectors are high impedance Bosch Motorsport-units.





[Video of a testrun of the car in the wet]