Emergency with MembersPage/RagnarBurenius

Resolved. MembersPage/KeithHargrove, from Milpitas,CA, USA West Coast prepared an old v3.0 ECU (changed to primarytrigger VR) and handed over.

However, it came to Keith after he sent out that

Note that they took another ECU, a v3.2 in case something bad happens. The v3.2 has normal inverting FETDRIVERs. The power ignition outputs are same (nonstandard) as the v3.0 : 0,1,5,6

Communications to handle the situation:

Destination address:


Even unassembled genboardv3.x would work as last chance

The ECU prepared in HU WebShop (that just missed the last Fedex plane that could have took there in time) was sent to MembersPage/KeithHargrove.