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Would you like a PlugAndPlayEEC (you know, what Fords, Jaguars and who knows what else have in their guts) replacement ECU/ECM?

Well there's work to be done, you'll have to work on the project if you want it soon. Can we get some updates on this subproject? We can only make an ECM with the desired pinout if there is interest and activity.

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This page makes a great "General Delivery" place for Q & A about EEC, V3x, AVR, Code/Software and any other related issues concerning EEC Plug 'n Play. Please Stop Past and Contribute.

June 5-04 Blank P.C.Boards(aka "fabs") are in the mail for Jay and Marcell

5-5-04 PC board layout for the eecIV extender board is complete and the boards are on order. They are on a 20 day turnaround, should be in by the first of Jume. This board will fit into a later design cast frame of a Ford EEC-IV ecu. With this board you can easily construct an extension cable for Ford eec4 or you can wire a GenBoard so that it will plug into a Ford vehicle for prototyping purposes. The connector will need to be removed from a scrap ecu. A vacuum de-soldering station is about the only sane method of removal. Connector removal service is also available.


I have about 12 of these boards left. Price is $20 delivered in the US. If you are interested please contact Dana email:turbo at mustangs dot com

Check GenBoard/UnderDevelopment/VerThree more carefully, the zip file has the libraries too. Or you need eagle license?
Understand "eagle-4.11r2e.exe" has problems, anybody have a good earlier version site?
Use these
[German 4.11 2003]
[English 4.11 2003]

See also: PlugAndPlayMotronic

Status 3-16-06 - - D.S.

I would still like to proceed with the PlugAndPlay ( more like MinimalModsPlugAndPlay ) for Ford EEC-IV. The ides is to made a board that is as close as possible to a V3.x for code compatibility, yet be designed to fit it a Ford case and solder to the Ford connector. The board and installation service could be sold in WebShop like everything else. I believe that there is large market for a system like this in the US. I have a complete OrCad schem capture and layout package and could do the work myself. If I could get the Eagle schematic and layout files it would make more sense for me to learn the Eagle system. Probably should have a meeting about this on irc or other place.