I have the B6304FS wire-harness (motronic 1.8) already installed and working in my car. The previous engine I had, was the stock B6304FS (Volvo 960, pre 1995).

The engine in it self has COP (Coil On Plug), no distributor, but it has both 60-2 trigger on the flywheel as the factory RPM input (VR type sensor), as well as a cam postition sensor.

The engine also has a 3" AMM and a narrow-band lambda-sensor.

When I looked in the webshop, I saw something which I hope will work for my application:

It looks very much like the connector on the motronic 1.8 used in the Volvo 960:


Some wiring on the motronic 1.8




Component list:

Seems to have similarities with PlugAndPlayMotronic/BmwEngines

Q: Could someone solder up a custom connector/adaptor for me?

EGT and WB-lamda "outside" of the OEM loom, that is no problem.