Conversion of GenBoard to EEC Detail/Concerns Tracking

A common old engineering slang is The Devil is in the Details so let's keep this page up to date for any schematic, software, vehicle interface, or any other issues you believe need attention. Don't assume someone else knows, document it. Periodically we'll tidy up, group issues/actions and append file.
[Detail Storage]

Let's try and establish an importance scale, say 10-8 High, 7-5 medium, 4-0 temporary overlook
Use this entry format to facilitate parsing into Excel & Access if you would please
Comments and suggestions welcome on the compostion of this page
  1. ;10 Imperative to verify that AVR has injection delay capability
  2. ;10 Decision needed- Concentrate on which modules, propose SVO, A9L, F150 (auto-late) as first replacement modules
  3. ;10 Explore suitable EEC source modules for project, emphasis on reqired pins, availability, cost of junk part
  4. ;10 Determine pin strategy to use internally with Genboard and EEC
  5. ;5 Trace the EEC hybrid schematic of the MAP/BAP freqency converter to determine processor action?
  6. ;1 Decide VSS strategy for later models with electronic odometer
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