Motronic-55 plug and play ECU - various pinouts for different engines

There was demand for an advanced ECM that can be plugged to the place of a 55-pin (19 + 18 + 18) [JPT-connector] Motronic box, many cars (Audi, BMW, Porsche, Opel, GM) shipped at least from 1985..1996.

The Alubos frontplate for VEMS ECU with the Motronic-55 pin connector:


AUDI, BMW, Porsche and Peugeot lovers rejoice.

These can be purchased in [webshop]

[bigger picture] (this bigger picture taken without the pressure nipple)

There are many [motronic types], Even with the 55 pin connector. Oops ... broken link. anyone has a backup, or list from other source ?.

It makes sense to make hi-tech substitute for

The 1.1 .. 1.3 Motronics on BMW seem to fall in this category.

The Audi 5cyl engine (InputTrigger/AudiTrigger eg. MembersPage/MarcellGal/PowerAndTraction) is a primary target, with either 1 or 5 ignition coils. Other motronic ECU-s, such as Porsche or BMW had similar pinout, but verification and customization is needed. Document the desired pin-mapping and genboard options if you want a box with this connector customized to your taste.


I MembersPage/JohanErikssonluleasweden runs my opel calibra with genboard v3.2 in motronic m2.8(55pin) box. I have placed 3 extra connectors on the top of the box for egt, wb02, boostcontrol.



Make a daughterboard to mesh with the GenBoard inside the case so that the pinouts can be easily changed either with a jumper board or a custom wiring board, makes it so you can plug it right into a system. Only the little ConnectorBoard? would require new layout (easy) for the right connector and the endplate would need done for each type of connector JPT-55p etc..

Digifant I is a definate that could be replaced. It is a common swap into turbo 8v's (VW's) as it has a standard vw wiring loom and is programmable these typically run ~200-300 used. Not including the custom chip, but comes w/ a wiring harness.

CIS-* cars: (all have restictive Fuel-air plate)

But only have idle and WOT switches on the t-body, but there are 4 wires that can be used, good for a bolt on plug in TPS. [ Knock Conversion ] has the JPT-25pin connector for the 02 box, and an additional JPT(I think its a 15pin connector) for the knock box.

Biggest market for VW's is problably the current A3 2.0 xflow motors, these motors are readily available, easily turbo'ed, and very good for being modified. Has a VR crank trigger, some have Hall cam triggers (4 window), it is already some type of motronic. and coilpack activated.

Higher profitablilty would be the 1.8T 20v motor. has all the right fittings, and sensors.

Note: VW needs waterproof design. Mk2, Mk3, Mk4 ECU was placed under windscreen near wiper mechanics. (/GintsK)?/

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Good idea, but I think more usefully way the ecu interchange cabel between the factory ECU connector and the VEMS conector.

On this way no VEMS built in MAP sensor. The MAP sensor location in somewhere in the engine compartment and need one more interchange cabel between the VEMS MAP assy and factory MAF




Other functions - that are not available in the factory loom