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The Austin/ Morris/ British Leyland/ Rover legendary A Series engine which has its roots back in the 1950's where long stroke engines were favoured as a result of taxes imposed on cylinder size. Would anyone believe then, the A series engine would be so durable and yeild power figures as they do Today? Here's how it's done.

Brief overview of the Engine

A BMW K1100 (motorcycle) 16v Twin cam cylinder head engineered onto Rover A+ Series engine and transmission.


Set up and config to follow

It's tight for space!


Not worked on the car much over the last couple of years, but 2017 will hopefully a fun and powerful one!


MembersPage/Sprocket/CoilOnPlug Coil On Plug

MembersPage/Sprocket/LogicLevelOut Logic Outputs

MembersPage/Sprocket/EvaporativeEmissions Evaporative Emissions Purge Valve

MembersPage/Sprocket/BoostControl Boost Control

MembersPage/Sprocket/GPS GPS Logging

MembersPage/Sprocket/Bluetooth Bluetooth

MembersPage/Sprocket/NoisyTPS Noisy 5v+ supply (Fluttering MAP/TPS)

MembersPage/Sprocket/AnalogInputs Analog Inputs

MembersPage/Sprocket/WheelspeedTwo Wheelspeed 2 Input

MembersPage/Sprocket/MatMapSensor MAT MAP sensor

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