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All latest information shall follow, since this is the same project, just the latest progression.

The good old Austin Rover Mini with its antiquated A Series engine which has its roots back in the 1950's where long stroke engines were favoured as a result of taxes imposed on cylinder size.

Would anyone believe the A series engine would be so durable and yeild such power figures as they do these days? Well, here's how it's done, or, here's how I have done it at least, and note, this is a conservative build, there is room for improvement.

The car


The Engine

A BMW K1100 16v Twin cam cylinder head engineered to fit a Rover A+ Series engine and transmission with a SAAB 93/95 Mitsubishi TD04HL-15T turbocharger. Engine is 1293cc and compression 8.5:1, I could have gone much higher but the combination of parts gave me this without going positive deck with the pistons. That said, I know I can throw 30psi at this and it'll still work. The same combination already dyno'd at 268hp on 20Psi boost, so lots of fun to be had!!!

Hardware list

Rover A Series 1275cc +0.5mm (1293cc) engine and transmission

BMW K100 4v twin cam cylinder head using the K1100 'LT' cams (256 duration)

Mitsubishi TD04HL-15T turbocharger from a SAAB 93/95

Toyota Yaris COP Ignition coils 90919-02240

Bosch 'Green Giant' 0280155968 injectors

3bar or 3.5bar Pierburg rail integrated fuel pressure regulator (adapted from some sort of Audi V6)

Walbro 255 in tank fuel pump

Bosch 0 280 122 001 TPS from Webstore

Bosch 0 281 002 401 (038 906 051 C) MAT/MAP 3bar sensor from webstore

VR Primary trigger 36-4 Factory (Rover Mini Mpi) primary trigger (Rover-K Lotus-Elise e324)

VR Secondary trigger OEM

Bosch generic 'blue' CLT sensor

Stepper motor IAC Taken from a Rover K Series VVC

Pierburg Boost solenoid

Vems Round gauge

The clutch is a modified standard unit assembled from two standard clutches. If one spring is not up to the job, just add another...............

It's starting to get tight for space in there now!


Set up and config to follow

Not worked on the car much over the last couple of years, but 2017 will hopefully a fun and powerful one!


Coil On Plug

Coil on plug options


Logic Outputs

Changing from power ignition output to 'logic level' output


Evaporative Emissions Purge Valve

Ideas for controlling the Purge solenoid valve


GPS Logging

I am using an Evermore GM-R700 receiver with the RS232 serial port.



I have been using the VEMS Bluetooth adapter though I am looking at something a little more robust.


Noisy 5v+ supply (Fluttering MAP/TPS)

I have experienced noisy 5v+ related to Vems Bluetooth adapter supply causing MAP and TPS to flutter significantly enough to cause engine running issues


Analog Inputs

MCP3208 Channel utilisation



Thoughts on future use of E85.


Wideband Ri Target


Safe Fusing of the ECU

Construction of custom wiring loom to fit application perfectly


Error Reports