Coil On Plug Ignition

I have moved over to Toyota Yaris coils 90919-02240(1NZFE / 2NZFE). These coils are apparently popular with the Mitsi Evo boys when they are struggling with spark strength. They seem to like them and the big bonus is that they are very very cheap new and even better second hand.

I am in the process of changing Genboard V3.8 from Power output to Logic output. Coil connectors on order.

Coil mounting plate has been designed, machined, anodised and test fitted with excellent results.

'Older info'

I have sourced some direct fire (use the IGBT's) Suzuki GSXR1000 coils from a 2001 bike, they look ideal and fit nicely, Denso part number is 129700 - 4150.

I have successfully run these 'Dual Out' with a dwell beteen 2.0 and 2.5ms, unsure what they really need, I was being cautious. I now have a spare set so can experiment a little without fear of being stranded if one fails.

I will run these sequentially on this new engine build.

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