Noisy TPS if bluetooth is not supplied from the recommended "wired-in" dedicated 5V supply and no additional regulator (or added cap is used).

If really using EC36/28 as a source of +5V supply for BT module, a 68uF (or greater, eg. 100uF 10V,16V or even 25V is not too big mechanically) on the 5V inside the DSUB9 housing (C- on DSUB9/pin5=GND C+ on DSUB9/pin9=+5V obviously).,2954.0.html

Topic for discussion.

In 2016 I experienced noisy 5V supply on Genboard V3.8 , usually when Vems bluetooth adapter is powered from EC36/28. I have not been alone.

So one more confirmation that powering BT from EC36/28 (which is primarily for HALL and MAP sensors) is not a good idea, and there is a good reason for the "wired in" option (which is a dedicated powerful supply) for the bluetooth module.,2500.0.html,2435.0.html

The bluetooth adapter generate noise on +5V supply (sudden high current when transmitting), effecting MAP and TPS if used from same supply (eg EC36/28). In our application TPS DOT rate settings caused acceleration enrichments to be active ALL the time, while little added, it held off EGO and VemsTune and VemsDisplay? gauges would flutter significantly.

Today while looking at the schematics for another modification, I noticed that C69 (220n) capacitor on 5v feeding EC36/29 is not present on the board. Pin 29 is powered from Pin 28 via R142 and ground through C69.

Would installing a capacitor help reduce the noise generated by the Vems bluetooth adapter on EC36/28?


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