I am using the Evermore GM-R700 RS232 receiver attached to a Dell E6420 via an Eaysync FTDI USB/ RS232 converter, to log GPS data via VemsTune. I will later try to get the second V3 comm port functional and log directly to SD card but for now this is at the bottom of the list of importance.

Current version VemsTune 1.5.33 (2015.09.08)

I can get the communications working Ok, but the GPS longitude reports differently in VemsTune. This places the location about ~30 miles to the east.

Can you capture a log (a few lines at least) from your GPS with some TerminalProgram ? Take note of your location. From these

NMEA log now attached in error report

Error report

VemsTune Longitude reporting incorrectly compared to actual GPS data

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