This page should generally contain only wishes and observations about functionality, not bug reports.

Multicast=enabled; Multiple VemsTune -s (possibly on several continents) simultaneously receiving runtime data from the same VEMS ECU

Displaying gauges, logviewer, datalog; note: currently only the master can change ECU config/table values.

Useful eg. for "tuning party", where friends or experts can follow a tuning session and propose changes / experiments.

TODO: write recommendations, examples how to use when master VT is behind NAT, eg. mobile broadband

"Multicast" function has been available since VemsTune 2014-09-09

The slave VemsTune-s can be older than 2014-09-09 (but latest VT recommended anyway)

Unfortunately, most internet connections are crippled:

See VemsTuneMulticast

  • EXPERTS ONLY: pwnat allows direct connection from slave VT to master VT (even if both are behind NAT); The slaves can connect if they know the IP address of the master VT (like with a webserver); but the server does NOT have to know the client IP address (this is obvious for a real server but very tricky when server and client are both behind NAT).
  • depending on the NAT box, it cannot always connect (without third party to tell the peer's IP) if both client and server are behind NAT - it's very tricky situation and the ICMP / UDP workaround tricks don't work if the firewall is very restrictive

Auto Tune. Inspiration for developers

General wishes

Found this program Virtual dyno and hope we could have the same function in Vt so we can see when we are making more power Hp/Nm


make a 2000-6000 pull and 100% tps

Convert to .csv

open csv file in excel

delete the first line “vems” to make it work

Nice functions to have in Vt:

Peek Nm and Hp

3 runs graph in the same row

Measurement on the fly

Was implemented as a log-analysys expert tool: LogAnalysis/PowerCompare . A more user-friendly, and possibly realtime tool would be nice though.

Addition to this idea -

Re-iterated in hopes of implementation into Vemstune or as an example :

Vemstune can export real .csv files not tab delimited files named .csv like now and they can be opened via Virtual Dyno.

The first line of the log where it says "vems" could be skipped.

The .csv file can be made from viewing a section of log in the Log View and right click - save as .csv file

Then it can be opened by Virtual dyno without any editing.


Wish for the Round

A wizard to create the wideband custom curve would be very useful, just a simple two point linear curve generator would suffice in most cases that allows you to simply set min/max lambda and corresponding min/max output voltage. It's also useful to have a test-mode where you can force the output while checking for the same result in the ECU that receives the signal. The test mode is useful for all output types, not just the custom curve. I got within 0.01 AFR acurracy from 10:1 to 20:1 AFR with an Autronic unit, if not for the test mode I would have been 0.4 AFR off at either end of the signal.

Download WButil for TechEdge? WBO2 and play with it: [Unzip and run]

Here is how it's curve wizard appears with the test mode,

The blue line is the wideband units signal and the red line is generated from the wizard. The crosshair is at the test output voltage.


Log viewer


Request for data channels to be shown on the right hand side like so


Selecting channels in log viewer should not need a descriptor before being selected into log viewer, when a channel is selected and no descriptor is available Vemstune forces the user to make one or makes one based on max and min values found in the data.

Allow flags to be channels with their respective values but the right hand side shows the text definition from VemsFlagDescEditor?

Save selected area should be called "selection export"

Any chances on implementing additional math functions? like filtering, integration over time, differentiation against time, previous value comparison and registry creating? Even if it´s only possible in Log viewer and not real time, more important that way anyway, especially with heavy math.


integral(channel_name) , and say you have roadspeed as the channel you get distance as the product, or if you have acceleration you get velocity and so on,


differentiate ( GPSspeed ) , gives you acceleration and so on .

Separate topic on support forums : [link]


There are a number of variables where it is not clear what they control by the descriptor in the main dialog box.

Every proposal should refer to some actual dialog (and preferrably have some proposed text, or note about what part is difficult to understand, or point to better description or inconsistency ).

More red text

Postponed ideas