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Known issues

Config Sanity Check

Config sanity check throws up unnecessary warning

No real biggie, but a fix would help my sanity too.

Resolved in Nightly release 1.5.51 (2017.02.05)

VemsTune crash / curve editor change in IAC gauge group

Latest Nightly VemsTune 1.5.47 (2016.10.01)Up to date ini files.

Windows 10

VEMStune all latest versions

Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 are broken wrt some API functions

These windows versions cannot even properly execute the programs that earlier XP / Win7 could (the API is used properly, not overindexed or sg...).

Symptom: "Bubble" Popup windows/ dialog boxes (bottom right corner) appear blank. (luckily the status at bottom left corner and flags at the top are displayed properly, so no information is lost).

proposal: Workaround for buggy windows versions would be nice,2361.0.html

DONE: VEMStune 2014-09-09 (nightly) (please confirm)

Cell-traverse order changes and some convenience Keys mapped (2015-09). Unless any new information comes up: Marked closed.

Curve editor has never worked right for me (tried others but mainly use Windows XP). The only way to change values other than dragging with mouse is using QWER which works for a couple of changes and then crashes hard (specifically tried map/tps acc enrichment table with fw 1.2.28). - Mattias

[ latest VT, currently 2014-11-27]

VEMStune 2014-07-29 (development version) - NOT released

Any versions in "Dev" are not ment to be used at all, these are merely development snapshots many of which contain some unfinished work (used for internal testing).

Please restrict to either "stable" or "nightly" versions as recommended on:

Best regards, Dave

The problems mentioned are still there with (the real actual) v1.5.26 (2014-05-09), that was the main reason I upgraded to the version dated 2014-07-29 and reported it as I wanted to avoid reporting bugs in "old" software.

Very true; This issue has been traced and fixed. Together with curve editor upgrades: multi point select, edit and interpolate function all will be included in upcoming release.

VEMStune v1.5.26 (2014-05-09)

If you connect a GPS NMEA device through serial port you can view GPS data in VemsTune gauges and datalog them as well. I have connected my Samsung S4 telephone using [GPS over BT] app.

This works as expected for viewing live data except for one thing :

When viewing data in the log viewer there are other issues:

VEMStune v1.5.25 (2014-04-01)

Opening logs (and using log view even offline) is horribly slow in this version, even on a very powerful laptop (core i7 -haswell- with 12GB RAM and SSD). Issues seem to almost go away (or speed is at least a lot better with previous nightly 2014-01-08, but even that was unacceptably slow with very slow PC or large logs).

Fixed 2014-05-08: if CPU cannot keep up drawing rate, draw only the most uptodate fresh screen (not each keystroke or scroll event).

Vemstune 1.5.23

Calc stat runs when update button is pressed. Causing Vemstune to crash. Ideally this feature can be completely turned off.

A: It can be turned off in 1.5.23 in Preferences->Gauges->MultiValueGraph?->Enable statistical calculations at start->set to disabled. (default) Perhaps you imported settings from previous version ? - DB

G: It still does it when the Update button is pressed -despite the setting being set to Disabled

Setting up a flag in log viewer is impossible if there are four channels already, so one must take one of the already channels and change that to flag, then add the channel again, this is inconvenient, so when you select the + sign there should be the option of adding a FLAG

Vemstune 1.5.20

Calculating Stat when opening log viewer tab causing Vemstune to chrash.

Is it possible to turn this off?

Vemstune 1.5.9

AnalogInputCalibrationWizard? doesnīt work properly.

Min 1 , 100

Max 4 , 400


Scale 249 * 2

Input is 3v , results should be 300, comes out as 1494

Min 1 , 100

Max 5 , 500


Scale 250 * 2 .

Input is 2.5v, should come out as 250, comes out as 1250

(MaxValue? - MinValue? / MaxV?-MinV? ) = Scale

Offset = MinValue? - (Scale * MinV?)

Value = Volt * Scale + Offset

Unless Iīm missing what A and B do?

Any reason why the values arenīt just 16bit, rather then having an offset and scale multipliers?

Adding new descriptors a problem when added to Misc, but Misc isnīt a selectable list, now impossible to create a new or edit said descriptor.

VemsTune 2013-03-26 1.5.3.

Vemstune page_config ini

Small vemstune bug, when limits are set on variable range, like:

; todo - strangely vemstune does not limit input to selected range, 0-3.1, is this a bug ??

fuelcut_delay_time = scalar, U08, 29, "s",0.1,0.0, 0.0, 3.1, 1

; eof todo - db

Vemstune does not limit input on set range (in this case 3.1) but rather on max variable size times multiplier (25.5)

VemsTune 2013-06-30

Offline editing config : Can't edit the curves with arrow keys or dragging with the mouse, only number input from keyboard works. Example: "warmup enrichment curve"

Tested with VemsTune 2013-03-26 and config file from firmware 1.2.11.

SD card does not record the switched config (say config A) when started to record under config B

Tested with VemsTune 2013-06-30 and config file from firmware 1.2.14.

VemsTune 2013-02-15

Primary Trigger Visual doesn't understand 8+ cylinder engines (eg. 16 resets the cylinder numbers, bad).

Fixed. (Get newest VT). Works upto 16 cyl.

Wish-item. Solved: just click the "recycle" icon under "Show / Hide Help F2": if toggled by single press, the gauges will update as cursor moved

Maybe default-on would be a more intuitive...

2013-03-26 Digital displays on left side of Multi graph - report started from MembersPage/KevinBlack 's sentences

Every time I install a newer VemsTune (I use 2012-06-29 because it "works") - the first thing I notice is that the



Vemstune 1.3.1 2012-07-30

Problem with Editor after saving a certain view.

It will add more instances of the same channel, this has been

a problem on many older versions as well, I donīt think any version has ever not had this problem.


Also just to note :

As discussed with Emil it would be nice if the whole view could be saved as a single file for export to customers, this means gauge views and multi graphs all saved into a single file.

Vemstune 2012-01-30

Using firmware 1.1.98 Y axis values are wrong after upgrading to this firmware.

Also bug after uploading firmware is that the ecu is stuck in

safety mode after firmware update. Tested back in 2011-12-21 and no problem there.

Vemstune 2011-15-11

FIXED: VT 2011-06-04 flags fake warning

For the Audi trigger divide by 3 setup (default VemsTune/QuickStartAudi ) show a warning on validate.

In vemstune/config/include page-config-[version].ini

change sdcard_choice sdcard_choice = bits, U08, 149, [1] , "INVALID", "INVALID", "INVALID"

In to

sdcard_choice = bits, U08, 149, [2], "Disabled", "Enabled"

I don't know if its good but it works getting your knock working again in channel 0.

VemsTune 2011-05-27

(report by Mattias)

VemsTune 2011-01-20

Fixed items

May not appear until next release.