Descriptor editing Need more flexibility to define the gauge descriptor the way you can in VT. For instance, define the gauge name and unit and save it as a new descriptor. For instance, Fuel Level in Liters. For example, what I can define in VT but cannot get in VEMSDisplay


Logging on/off button The app needs a logging on/off button directly on the main display. Having to drop down into sub menu's to turn logging on/off is sometimes a pain. A configurable button with the gauges would be very convenient and save on storage in on the android device.

low priority

If i set the VEMSdisplay to V3 datastream, it disables AIM protocol. It'd be a nice feature to have, when i exit VEMSdisplay it'd enable back the AIM protocol, therefore i can use different bluetooth apps too.

low prio, for more intuitive CONNECTING status

low priority:

More than 6 gears displayed in [VemsDisplay], sequential gearbox

Some sequential gearbox have 8 gears, voltage climbing in this order:

original "request" from Roland:

This wish would be considered normal priority (instead of low) had config + vemslog been provided, + voltages of the actual gearbox model documented

DONE: Save gauges layout

Page change by external source

Analog input change passing 2.5v on a specified analog channel will force vemsdisplay to change its display page, this is for cars with mounted android tablets and used as a dash, a button press will change pages DONE: see VD 2017-02-xx beta changes below

Not sure if the original request was mistaken but it is that a analog input to the ECU can drive the page changes in the android app.

Running out of descriptors (??)


Since [VemsDisplay 2017-02-xx beta] (and any future released) versions

package date 2017-06-15:

package date 2017-03-23:

package date 2017-03-17:

package date 2017-02-27 or older:

Just in case: Data format changed somewhat, if app misbehaves (eg. crashes at startup) or you experience any problem. Please "clear app data" in "Android system preferences->app settings->vemsdisplay" before any further attempt (reinstall does NOT clear and will NOT help), or before firing any report. Thank you.