My first project is my Citroen CX 25 Gti Turbo 2. It's a 4 cylinder, side cam 8 valve, 2500cc, 1:8.5 compression turbocharged, intercooled, wasted spark engine.


The biggest issue I've had on the install was the primary trigger. Having learned in the meantime, the VR solution was not the way to go. Because of the lack of a decent crank trigger location, I have used a cam trigger. The engine is chain timed so the variation should be minimal. The cam only primary trigger works very well as far as I can tell, there are no trigger errors .

The injectors are setup sequentially and I still use the factory wasted spark ignition model which works fine. COP would be very simple in current setup, but is it worth it?

The original airflow meter has been dismantled, as well as the original airbox. The new airfilter is a K&N conical one, which is still in a sort of temporary position while I think of a way to make the neccesary turns to the original air intake.

I've used the Siemens 630cc injectors at 3 bar from the webshop, and that appears to work well though the car is still less economical that it was on the factory setup, which is somewhat unexpected. These injectors should be more than enough for my current desires.

The wastegate now opens at about 0.6/0.7 bar of boost (it was on about 0.8/0.9 for the last version I had on the factory ignition/injection setup (original factory max bosot was 440mbar@5000rpm). Everything seems in decent order, though I haven't made any serious attempts to configure the boost solenoid yet.

In any case, in any future projects which use more or less the same engine (like almost all DS's and petrol CX's), I will be using the HALL primary trigger from the camshaft. My current trigger setup gives no errors whatsoever.

I have a rolling road day scheduled with DP engineering on the 17th of january, and I hope to have a decent setup upto about 0.8-0.9bar boost which seems to be the highest safe recomended number.

I do have a new blueprinted engine in the works with 20% lighter pistons, which will be much better balanced, but I want a decent config for a factory standard engine first.







In the meantime we have completed:

- #2 CX 25 Prestige 1985 (na)

- #3 CX 25 Gti Turbo 1986 (M25/662 engine with intercooler)

- #4 CX 25 Gti Turbo 1985 (M25/662 engine)

- #5 CX 25 Gti Turbo 1985 (M25/662 engine) + LPG gas injection

- #6 CX 25 Gti Turbo 2 1986 (M25/666 engine)

- #7 CX 2400 Gti 1977 + LPG gas injection

- #8 DS 23 ie Hydraulique Pallas 1974

- #9 Xantia Activa TCT (simple pnp install)

- #10 CX 25 Gti Turbo 2 1986 (M25/666 engine) + LPG Gas injection

We are working on:

- #11 SM 3.0 ie 1973 (rebuilt C114/11 maserati engine)

A sort of working permanent experimental prototype is my own car, a CX 25 Gti Turbo 2 which has been on DP engineering's dyno for a result of 340hp and 585Nm torque. Still plan to install VEMS on at least two mor Gti Turbo's, but as I've sold the garage, it will be low key from now on.