RPM (tachometer gauge) output for the dash gauge

  • I need more of an example based approach I'm afraid. Can I use PIN9 on EC36 for the RPM line? (injector output), I have an extra wire there coincidentally, but I'm also not sure what I'm meant to be doing with the resistor. My OEM rpm meter was fed by the original ignition computer, so I don't really expect it to need high voltage input. I have absolutely no clue how to configure megatune to get it to work assuming it's a modern block signal rpm meter on say EC36 pin 9 with a 4 cylinder engine with cam only primary trigger. I have 0.5 revs on the cam for each engine rev, but how does that translate to the constants?

Other (mostly older) dashes require high voltage input: an IGBT output and 220 uH for RPM output "inductive pullup" See [shop item] inductor

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