I've purchased a Citroen SM, and I will, eventually be wanting to add a VEMS onto it. It's a Maserati 3 litre manual oddfire V6 engine, currently with carburators, two OHC's per head.

I'm still very much in a sort of reconaissance stage so the way I'll be doing it is still very much up in the air.

The carburators are DCNF type which means that throttle bodies are available, but it may be smarter to simply use the intake manifolds from a 2.7 ie model. Jorgen tells me that working oddfire is in the works on 1.1 engines with all the usual it may not work disclaimers, but that's fine I accept I may have to go with the original ignition. This engine also really has no obvious way to use a crank mounted primary trigger, so at the moment I'm thinking along the lines of using the original distributor housing to build a trigger setup. That's cam ofcourse, but once again chain drive so yo my mind tolerable but everyone will probably fall all over me again for even thinking it.

To start with I have no plans to turbocharge, but I will probably want to use the switching maps functionality for LPG.

I will need to setup a bit of a shopping list.

All this is still a little premature as I still have all sorts of plans for the CX... but hell, one has to make plans...

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