My extra memory to organise when I did what.

Update 03APR2008

I've placed an order for VEMS kit with the local dutch experts, and look all set to get started. All the issues with BDP sensors e.d. have been resolved. More as I get around to it.

Update 18APR2008

I\m in the very opening stages of installing my VEMS, essentially at step 1 of the guide. I've made the power/ground lines and soldered the RS232 connection.

Update 27MAY2008

I have managed to get the RS232 up and running. I am slowly working my way through attaching the sensors.

Update 19JUN2008

For now, I am solving the primary trigger issue by lasering a 36-1 wheel which will be mounted on the camshaft pulley. Then using a sensor, preferably HALL and using that instead of a crank sensor.

Update 29JUN2008

Finally have a rpm signal from v2 36-1 triggerwheel on the camshaft. However, the VEMS gurus are concerned about my trigger wheel design, so I'm fabricating two 12-1 variants, one with missing tooth, one with missing gap. I am now using a VR sensor from a Citroen XM/BX. I hope to scope the wheels tomorrow and undestand a bit more about the amplitude.

Update 22NOV2008

Better slow than never. I have now taken the car off the road and almost finished the wiring harness. I have a few grounds to do before I attach the VEMS, and start configuring.

Update 30 Nov 2008

First run and first drive today, after an epic battle with the primary triggers... on to tuning!

Update 7 Dec 2008

Finally have the WBO2 properly calibrated. Still wrestling with some cold start issues. EGT sensor has already died. New one ordered with DP engineering. I think knock sensing still needs some work, as does the harness need some cleaning up. Boost control needs attention soon too. I have a few mundane maintenance jobs to do also.

The care drives quite well now. I think it's getting to be time to schedule some time at DP-engineering for tuning.

Update 1 Jan 2009

Car drives reasonably well. I have scheduled a rolling road day with DP engineering on the 17th of January. Hopefully that will lead to a nice set of maps to a vastly greater degree of accuracy and professionalism than I can hope to achieve. I need to place the new EGT sensor still before I head up there.

Here's the current config: