Factory standard, it has a Bosch fuel injection system with 285cc 0 280 150 802 injectors (2.4 Ohm impendance, but there is a resistor pack), and the documentation states a max fuel rail pressure of 2.5 bar, less at idle. Max mid range boost i 0.560 bar and at 5000 rpm it drops off to 0.440 bar boost. I have tightened up the wastegate to a max midrange boost of ~0.9bar and 0.8 bar at 5000 rpm. In the last 25,000km or so this has not caused any problems, even though I have no idea how it's possible as 285cc injectors at 2.5 bar in a 2500cc engine at +0.440 bar should only just be able to service the factory 167hp. At 0.8 bar the Hp should be in the region of 200, which would seem to indicate something like a 97% duty cycle on the injectors. The turbo is a garrett T3 type.

Airflow and airtemp signals come from a mechanical airflow meter. There is a GM 16 038 77 MAP sensor, but the signal is only used by the electronic ignition, not by the injection. There is a watertemp sensor, no lambda or EGT. There is a knock sensor type E 001T - 90272. It looks to me like the ignition modules are logic level as the Revue Technique speaks of two circuits one at 1-1,2 Ohm and one at 3500-4000 Ohm.

The RPM pickup is done from the flywheel which is a 145-1 setup with a BDP sensor which is a VR sensor (partnumber EA 20 165 653 with a claimed resistance of 50 Ohm according to the Revue Technique).

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