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This Elise / K-Rover trigger (worked perfectly earlier) is under retesting as of firmware 1.1.99 (to check if it was effected by some recent mods).

With similar "number of teeth on wheel"=32 but "Number of cyl"=8 we implemented (2012-03-28 in 1.1.99) the 17 teeth, 2 missing, 15 teeth, 2 missing tooth-pattern found on a V8 Chrysler HEMI engine, works perfect (thanks to Emil Larsson). At the same time we decided to retest the Elise also.

Elise / K-Rover trigger

From fw 1.2.17, this special trigger is also supported with camsync

* original implementation was without camsync

** engine was mostly installed with wasted spark anyway

This trigger supports cylinder numbers:

* 4 (next trigger tooth=18) (most often used)

* 6 (next trigger tooth=12) since teeth 0,12,24 exist

* 12 eg in the iconic LAMBORGHINI DIABLO (next trigger tooth=6) since teeth 0,6,12,18,24,30 exist

* 8 cyl possible also (next trigger tooth=9): teeth 0,9,18,27 exist

** but if CYL=8 is configured for exact RPM reading... (For ign and inj the primtrig settings matter not the configured CYL number) then firmware assumes ChryslerHemi (a different kind of trigger) where "number of teeth on wheel"=32 also, but "Number of cyl"=8

** so if you know any factory 8cyl engine with this Rover triggerwheel, yell here ! (then minor config change must be applied to differentiate the 2 trigger patterns when 32 teeth, 8 cyl is configured)


* Any info about the Rover-K camsync position sensor standard position ?

** we're testing this rover-k / elise trigger with camsync chosen edge anywhere from 10-350 deg: but NOT exactly at tooth0 (and also testing without camsync)

** if, though extremely unlikely (would be very stupid and according to all available information is NOT the case), both edges happen to race with tooth0, we either need a proper secignore setting, or change the internal numbers to move about 180 deg ...)

** from 1 source, at least one edge of sectrig seems to be very near TDC, so NOT racing with tooth0 (good)

Is there a final known good set of trigger settings for this engine? - Yes there is, i have to copy it here from my laptop, if you're interested.-Fero

Yes please :)

Is there a final known good set of trigger settings for this engine?

* as always, start from an engine setup of same cyl count, then in VemsTune, from the bottom of primary trigger dialog apply the relevant configlet (K-Rover / elise in this case; with or without camsync)

** that is quick to apply, and maintained

** also, that is used when testing in lab.

Please upload whatever you have, thank you :)
Some very old files:
Here are the files, if i remember good: