Chrysler Hemi Trigger

Since fw 1.2.17 also supported with camsync


Pattern (codename m324 / M324)

17 teeth, 2 missing, 15 teeth, 2 missing tooth-pattern found on a V8 Chrysler HEMI engine, works perfect (thanks to Emil Larsson).


Example (first spark after ~1 camrot):


Need help to sync Dodge Dakota V8 - a "High-Output" version of the 4.7 L PowerTech? engine y. 2007.

here is triggerlog:


I did not find how to sync it properly. Engines fires-up in 50% cases and shows too many sec trigger error all the time. 1.2.17 Secondary trigger is set to "rising", but seems it wouldn't change the signal timing significantly:


A: This primary trigger is supported by HEMI trigger, the secondary trigger pattern is not, is it possible to reduce secondary to one pulse per cam rotation ? - DB