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This (originally 3B) engine has a

Alternator Belt (outer V-belt of the 3-belt crankshaft pulley)

Always keep an alternator belt in the trunk (and 10, 13mm tools) if you have a 3B (or AAN,ADU,ABY) engine.

Alternator connections

The voltage-control electronics is integrated inside the alternator (it's a 20..25 EUR item available separately, eg. at Budapest. XVII Petri u 7. alternator repair-renew-shop).

MembersPage/PaulF - Most smart alternators that I have dealt with fail safe to an output voltage of around 13.8V. Usually it is to allow the charging voltage to be lowered at idle to help pullaway. It is also used for feedback to the ECM as to the load on the alternator for torque adjustment.

Even without the excitation connection, there is some charging with running engine, appr. 13.7V

It charges somewhat .. maybe suboptimal, but it works.

Alternator excitation

Needed for proper inducing the alternator. Without bulb or when this circuit is open, the alternator might not induce up or just very slow.

Note that the alternator was working (for me at least, with slightly reduced voltage) even without excitation. But, after an unfortunate series of events (our galaxy almost got annihilated) when I lost the alternator-belt

The alternator excitation circuit:

On the wire I measured +12.5V with ignition on (0V with ign off)

Many thanks to MembersPage/ZoltanAlmasi

Alternator belt

I had lotsof hassle with the alternator belt.

WTF is happening ?

So after I lost the alternator belt (snapped or jumped off ? dunno) TWICE: Than in a rush to find parking place downtown, I stuck a concrete and killed the bottom oil-cap and the right-ear of the charge-cooler broke.

It was a really bad combination:

Oil-change was about time anyway

Ghost current

When ignition is off, measured current draw from the battery is 0.37A. This means I have to charge with a battery charger if parking more than 3 days so I can start the car after.

What draws the ghost current ?

Power windows links

Other possibilites that were candidates for ghost current