Lexus - 300 2JZ ge VVTi engine...

v3 ECU 8291...

Files (configs, logs... see FileArea how to upload, stick to MembersPage/LexusVvti dir and subdirectories):

Triggerlog captured with retarded campos (unless noted in the filename)

Reviewed configuration and tested functionality, have applied safe defaults in several locations (there were weird values in many places, "Validate" warned about it. Updated configuration:


VVTI actuator

it is PWM two pins

trigger error

sync is working (2013-11-06 logs), vems see rpm but is less secondary trigger error im make log and trigger log

Have reviewed latest logs for proper operation stay with firmware 1.2.11 (downgrade your firmware from 1.2.17 to 1.2.11). Also apply the full configuration not just the trigger section. Several potential other problems have also been corrected.

After this please try again and report - DB

problem with cam sync is solved cam works great

still have problem with rev max 4800 and vems say tooth cnt and next problem with first trigger tooth both problems described below

The logs posted below are taken with 1.2.17 firmware, did you downgrade to 1.2.11 as recommended above ? Your cam sync setup will not work otherwise

rev problem

yes im downgrade to 1.2.11 and cam sync work ok im load full config but logs im make on firmvare 1.2.17 but is excaty the same problem on this software if you see trigger log vems doesnt see teeth.

in my ignition if im calibrate timing to real 0 engine dont work fine and when im cranking heve misfire and he blocked and rev wrong side this is my actual config

log on 1.2.11 firmware first trigger tooth 4 so my ignition is 40 degress advance from real 0 and car run great on idle and high rev but problem is when im want exceed 4800 rpm

trigger log

new logs first trigger tooth 7 tdc after the trigger 65

at this configuration (first triger tooth 7 and tdc after the trigger 65) my real ignition measured on idle (used ignition lock to 0.5 degres) is around 18 - 20 degres advance (measured timing lamp on 1 st cylinder orginal mark )

tdc after the trigger change to 87

when im change tdc to 87 i have ideal 0 degres advance and engine running great at idle.

was only problem with rev 4800 when try revs more (on this configuration is happens exactly the same)


i have to big coil charge time i have 4 ms when im chango to 2 car revs to rev limiter

thanks for help

Wasted spark

im found problem on only wasted spark configuration without cam sync engine rev only to 4800 rpm and car have misfire from exhaust when im change tooth angular width of tooth from 10 to 15 car revs to 7000 but i have much more ignition advance

this is log

and trigger log vems say tooth cnt

and one more problem:

when i have first rigger tooth 0 and tdc after the trigger my ignition is in real 0, when im start cranking engine sometimes block and turn wrong side , when car is running i can not maintain idle speed, the engine stops and has intake misfire

but when my config is first rigger toth 3 everythink works great car have great idle speed and smoth running but my real ignition is advance to 30 degrees and have problem with tooth cnt at 4700 rpm