If you already have the files/images available on web (eg. in a gallery, or similar) just copy-paste the image urls into this wiki. Verify the result (some services reject alien referrers).

Upload to VEMS server "file-area". BEWARE: Allowed extensions are .zip .jpg .png .gif .txt .html.

It is recommended to zip .xls and .doc and other file(s). Filesize limit is 2 (or 3?) MByte.

Edit your own project page (see MembersPage), NOT this page !

Share config with VemsTune: follow these [steps]. For vemscfg and vemslog this is quick, and provides more useful information (like vemstune version and related system information).

Very Big files

Normally images, zipped logs and other files are max 8 MByte.

If you have something huge, like a 20Mbyte video you would like to share, you can consult guys on ChatViaIrc . Eg. if you temporarily publish on your (, whatever dynamic DNS address), someone with ftp or rsync access can upload large files.

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